ASTROLOGY 101: Understand Your Natal Chart (Record Video Analysis)
ASTROLOGY 101: Understand Your Natal Chart (Record Video Analysis)

ASTROLOGY 101: Understand Your Natal Chart (Record Video Analysis)

$180.00 inc. tax

ASTROLOGY 101: Understand Your Natal Chart (Record Video Analysis)

Recorded video reading sent to you only as a private YouTube link.

Dive deep into the wisdom and medicine of your own unique natal chart. Understand the energies at play and uncover the keys to opportunity, healing, lessons and soul growth rooted in day to day life experience.

With this session, you will understand your natal chart from start to finish and gain perspective that helps you understand your path in life as well as why your path looks the way it does up until now. You will also be given advice on harnessing the energies of your natal chart to transcend limitations and expand your consciousness. You will gain perspective on yourself, your gifts and pain points, your place in the world and relationship with those around you as well as the multi-dimensionality of your existence.

Duration: 1,5 hours.

Pricing: $180,00 

PLEASE NOTE: For this reading I will need accurate name/date/time/location of birth as well as current location (astrocartography).

Decode the magic of your natal chart, the secrets found within the houses and the energies of the signs and planetary placements in your very own personal Divine Blueprint revealed in your natal chart! Life purpose and a lot more can be revealed through the natal chart.

This offering is for you if:
- You've had your natal chart generated online but don't know what any of those scribbles mean!
- You consume endless videos on YouTube trying to decode what each placement in your chart means but you still don't quite understand what does all that mean on a practical level.
- You hear the textbook descriptions of houses and signs but you cannot relate - you need a new, fresh approach and translation of your natal chart!

Elina's intuitive touch helps recover forgotten Soul wisdom found within the treasures of your chart to help you make the most of this human life experience, understand and embrace your own needs and allow yourself to integrate karmic soul lessons from this and past lifetimes, understand your destiny and purpose and discover pockets of joy you can dive in to find fullfillment and success.

When your purchase has been completed, you will be receiving a confirmation email to which you can reply to send Elina the following information; name, full date birth, time of birth, place of birth and current location (for astrocartography insights) + any specific questions you may have or issues you may want Elina to look into your charts for insights.

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Sunday, July 30, 2023
Wanda K.
I know my chart finally!
Elina explained my chart to me in such depth that I felt spiritually nurtured and understood. I also feel like I now understand myself, which is important as I had always so many things I did not understand about my life. Furthermore, she was super kind and generous with her time and super intuitive. I will take an astrology course by her any time she makes one!
Tuesday, June 4, 2024
I really loved this!
This is amazing! I am here on the beach, listening to the analysis and I am keeping notes as this is the most concise and accurate reading I have ever gotten. This resonates so much with my life experiences and now I undestand that transits that are hard can hide enormous blessings in them. Thank you, Elina! So much love from Artemida, Greece
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